“A year and a half ago I couldn’t breathe, due to  my asthma. Now I can draw a full breath and I walked to the Zoo”...C.B. aged 85.

“The drugs for rheumatoid arthritis were killing me, literally. I take nothing now,only the drops, and I’m back able to look after my house”...C.G, aged 74.

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Symptoms were chronic fatigue, IBS and recurring rashes.
Lowest system was endocrine, worst stressed organ was liver and dominant disturbance was the gut.The prescription was tested to addresss these factors.


This is another chart of a  patient complaining of chronic fatigue.

HerTesting Your Energy fielde’s what we test for in BioResonance:

1. Vitality. A general score for your health. How healthy are you really ?
We use a very standardised German BioResonance scale  of 0 to 25.
 It’s really a compressed scale of 0 to 100. So you’re getting a percentage score.

2.The degree of Nutritional Deficiency. Indicates how short of vitamins and minerals you are. It shows if your gut is capable of absorbing the nutrients from your food.
We can do a separate test which tells you in detail, the supplements you need.

3.”Allergies” . The overall level of  Sensitivity or Food Intolerance.
We use the most advanced test ampoules from Germany to get you a list of foods which may not suit you. We don’t deal with anaphylactic states or true medical allergy states.

4.Accummulated stress. The level of Blockage on the Emotional level. In my experience, all human beings are carried some degree of trapped emotions from the past. For many, it’s the main things making them ill. At 70% blockage, there’s anxiety.  At 80% there’s the potential for depression. At 90%, there are various degrees of fear and panic.

5.The frequencies of Viruses, Bacteria, Environmental Pollutants, Food Sensitivities etc . The Bicom BioResonance machine is used to look at these frequencies and deliver a therapy against them.

6. We check which vitamins,minerals and trace elements are needed.

7. “Allergies”

We can  check  food sensitivities, give you a list and provide homoeopathic “desensitisation” treatment, using the  Bicom BioResonance “inversion”  technique.

8.Your Personalised Prescription on the Day.Then we test out a prescription for you individually, to antidote the top layer of toxins found, treat your stress and support your organ systems.  You usually go away with two 30 ml bottles. Taking 10 drops morning and night, it usually takes you a month for each prescription.

And the Remedies…
1.German produced homoeopathic nosodes, or vaccines.

No material dosage, so no bad side effects. We use a proven set of homoeopathic complexes (30 main ones) developed by the leading German doctor homoeopaths,
which produce an overall success rate with patients, of 80 to 90%.

2.We also  use the amazingly powerful Spagyric remedies from the Pekana firm in Germany.
The Turner Clinic has used these remedies for more than 30 years, with great success.

3. Stress Remedies: We have a system of looking into the problem of trapped emotions and old stuck traumas, with a simple system of analysis. We then prescribe
the exact remedies you need to help with your particular field of stress.