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Kinesiometer test device (Basic ) plus software (50% reduced)


You get the new Kinesiometer USB test device plus the software that drives the program.
 The Kinesiometer 
An ingenious device for tuning into the subtle energies of the human body. The first ever totally digital testing system for the 
bio-energy field. Support by an amazing software system of 
graphics and charts. A complete healing system, well proven.
Use it to choose remedies, supplements, or check out a person's health, according to whatever kind of method you use..
If you already have training as a kinesiologist, or use divining rods or a pendulum,you are already trained.
But this method looks much more scientific and in fact is very non-tiring on the practitioner.
The best analogy is muscle testing. But instead of pressing on a very changeable muscle, you're putting in a standard pressure on a spongy pressure pad on machine.
Your pressure surface is always is entirely stable and consistent...and very sensitive.
You press on it with your middle, or index finger.
The pad is set up in such a way that past a certain level of pressure  (which you can adjust) the dial goes over the top and there's a blip!
A blip means YES.   Anything less than a blip is a NO.
To train yourself there's a drill you go over time and time again, until it becomes automatic.
You must learn the standard pressure.  You go through a training procedure to enlist your brain and central nervous system. There's a training program to do this.
You have to learn to produce the YES and NO response mechanically first by doing it over and over.
Like learning to drive a car.  When you stop fretting and fade away the chatter of your conscious mind, you quickly  pick up the resonance reflex . It works through the ideomotor response.
Essentially it gives only a YES or NO answer.   What the YES means depends of the question you are consciously posing.
Unerringly picks up the resonance between the person and the remedies. 

The Software for the Kinesiometer system:
The biological filters projected by the computer, and shown in
graphic form on the screen, enable you to "tune into" the patient’s organs and systems.
 You can read the person like a book.
The sensor used in this method is a totally new invention. It’ so
sensitive it can register subtle changes in resonance… You press on it with your middle, or index finger.
That’s for example the resonance between the patient and a
Or between a biological filter for parasites, and a patient…etc.
Asking Questions
You can ask many different questions about the patient, by
putting various FILTERS across the circuit.
But if you generate a question in your mind...that's an energy field which is equally valid.  Post the question mentally and test.
The "filters" define the question. The essential general question
filters are built into the Bio-Resonator software and are displayed on the screen..
But you can also mentally pose a question . This creates a mental force field which is equally valid.
N.B . This is not a mechanic al tool which will just jump in and make you a healing genius.
We believe everyone has the innate ability to operate this system.
But it does depend on your being able to use your powers of intuition.
At the end of the day, the machine is only a tool with which to manifest your powers of testing the subtle energy fields of your patients.  As soon as you stop worrying about it, and shoot the chattering monkey in your conscious mind, the all-knowing subconscious mind (fully wired into the cosmic consciousness) will answer all questions accurately.

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