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The Flu Pack (Any Flu Virus)

Three 100 ml bottles.

Strictly meant as an addition  to medical treatment, not instead of it!

1.   PROTECT  ( to protect you against the Virus by raising your immunity.

2.  FLU 1   ( to be taken intensively when you get the first symptoms, such as cough, fever, headache, running nose etc. )

3. FLU 2  (To ease the symptoms of the flu following on the initial stage.) 

But remember your main protection is to follow closely the recommendations
of the HSE and the medical authorities.


The first bottle to take: PROTECT.

1. To try and protect yourself against getting the FLU,
because the virus is rampant around you, start taking
Protect: 100 mls
., right away,
(Provided you don't already have the main viral symptoms,
i.e. cough, fever, headaches etc.)
This mixture, available only to clients of the Turner Clinic consists of  to:
Septonsil, Apo-Infekt, Itires and Toxex.
The potencies contained within have traditionally been used , with great success,
to help strengthen the immune system. Search Google for homoeopathy in epidemics"and you'll be amazed!


Then when the Flu strikes !

But as soon as you start to experience  similar symptoms to the Virus, immediately start taking FLU 1.
Take 10 drops in water every three hours. Take high dosages of Vitamin C. also.
You can even  take FLU 1  every hour, if you really are in the middle of an acute episode.
FLU 1  consists of a mixture of Apo Infekt, Apo-Tuss, Ricura and Fepyr.

These are the main remedies that address the major initial symptoms of any flu virus.They have been used for nearly 200 years with great success.
 If you look up "homoeopathy as a treatment in epidemics" you will find amazing stories of how homoeopathic remedies were hugely successful against various epidemics in the past, including cholera and the Spanish Flu.

I have been a full time homoeopath for over 30 years and I have personally used homoeopathics for flu viruses and colds, with overnight success.

 I have seen thousands of patients respond brilliantly to homoeopathy for respiratory problems. So I'm biased in favour of homoeopathy ! I believe these remedies will relieve the symptoms and hopefully weaken the virus.
If you wish to order any of the individual bottles go to the website and look under single remedies.  

THEN, after the initial acute stage...Hopefully you'll be receiving the necessary medical help.

You'll be dealing with a cough, mucus, weakness and respiratory distress. Seek medical help.  In the meantime start taking FLU 2.
FLU 2 is a mixture of the  following:

2. APULO .
3. apo-TUSS

These are all individually described in full detail on


For older patients recovering from theflu: 

(To aid the medical treatment if the doctor agrees: )

For patients severely affected, to help the body cope better, heart support, liver support and kidney support may be needed.

These are all together in the bottle called "FLU SUPPORT" .
The support bottle could be ALTERNATED with FLU 2

•Cardinorma (To support the heart )
•Apo-Hepat (  To support the liver ) and
• Renelix ( To support the kidneys )

You can always ring our office at  00353 1 2893147, to
get guidance on the remedies   and place the order by credit card,
if you're having difficulties.

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