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FLU 1 (100 mls. ) Seek Medical Advice First if ill.


FLU 1  100mls.

But as soon as you feel you already have similar symtoms to the Corona Virus
immediately start taking FLU 1.
Take 10 drops in water every three hours. Take high dosages of Vitamin C. also.
You can take FLU 1 every hour if you really are in the middle of an acute episode.
FLU 1  consists of a mixture of the same ingredients as  Apo Infekt, Apo-Tuss, Ricura and Fepyr

 (Look them up singly on this website. )

These are the main remedies that address the major initial symptoms of the flu virus.
 They have been used for nearly 200 years with great success.
 If you look up "homoeopathy as a treatment in epidemics" you will find amazing stories of how
 homoeopathic remedies were hugely successful against various epidemics in the past,
 including cholera and the Spanish Flu.

Having been a full time alternative practitioner, since 1976, my personal experience is that these
 remedies will relieve the symptoms and hopefully weaken the virus.
If you wish to order any of the individual bottles go to the webside and look under single remedies.  

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