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You order these remedies one by one. 

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 Pick them according to your symptoms. and write down the names. 

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  • IBSOLAK:  The Big Daddy of the Digestive Remedies. A remedy for the bowel prepared from lactobacillus acidophilus. Certified 700 times stronger than yogurt in it's main element, lactic acid. Contains special nosodes designed to balance the environment of the bowel. Recommended to repair the damage caused by antibiotics to the environment of the bowel. 

  • apo-STOM: Hyperacidity, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, gastritis, enteritis, Heartburn, pyloric spasm, stomach ulcers, lack of appetite Recommended 3 x 10-15 drops per day adults, 3 x 7-10 drops per day children. 15

  • OPSONAT: Chronic mucous membrane inflammation, I.B.S., gastritis, ulcers, diverticulitis.€15 Recommended 3-4 x 1 teaspoon per day adults, 1-2 x 1 teaspoon per day children.m

  • speci-CHOL: For strengthening digestion, pancreas remedy, high cholesterol, heartburn, flatulence, poor appetite.€15 Recommended 3 x 10-15 drops per day adults, 3 x 7-10 drops per day children

  • DEFAETON: If constipated. Bowel cleanser, treats toxic states from constipation, for slow metabolism, abdominal pain, and diverticulitis.€15 Recommended 3 x 10-15 drops per day adults, 3 x 7-10 drops per day children.

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