Gallstones Cleansing Program.

This cure is taken as a “once off” treatment and the instructions have been in the public domain for many years.

Congestion of the liver and gallbladder is a major cause of ill health and is behind a lot of problems, such as abdominal pain, bowel problems, headaches, rashes and chronic fatigue.

First, take A LITRE OF APPLE JUICE ( available in supermarkets), each day, for five days. This softens up the stones


On the sixth day eat no solid food, (only liquids) after lunch time

Skip the dinner or just take a good soup.

Otherwise there’s a bigger danger of your not keeping the mixture down.

About one hour before going to bed take a level tablespoon of Epsom in hot water. If you think you are sensitive to such laxatives, take only a teaspoon. Epsom salts is believed to dilate the bile ducts to facilitate the expulsion of the stones.

The Potion

Then, when ready to retire, take a cocktail of four OUNCES OF OLIVE OIL and the freshly expressed JUICE OF nine LEMONS.

Or instead of the lemon juice, you can take a half pint OF FRESH GRAPE FRUIT JUICE. Or any citrus fruit juice.

Shake both together vigorously and drink it back.

It’s better to lie on your right side as you go off to sleep, to allow the mixture to seep into your bile duct. If you fail to keep it all down, don’t worry too much. If the mixture is down there for any period of time, it will dislodge at least the top layer of gallstones.

The result

In the the morning you will pass the stones in your motions.

Many of them will be already semi-dissolved from the apple juice, the olive oil and the lemon juice.

Even if you don’t see them, you can be pretty sure, if you have then the cure as described, that you have flushed a significant number of stones.

The motions can be passed in a fine sieve and hosed out, to see the stones. If you have large, calcified stones, they will not pass.

Some people have reported heavy nausea after this cure, even for a few days. The majority of people report no particular side effects. But startling improvements in health have been reported, including cures of abdominal pains, bloating and wind, headaches, migraine, constipation, skin rashes etc etc.

Warning: We give you this information in good faith. If you act on it, you are doing so at your own risk . We are not aware of any record of problems arising from this cure, which has been used for many years, throughout the world and has been described in the British medical Journal, the Lancet.

It’s not recommended for elderly people, for people with depleted energy, for people with serious illnesses or heart problems, or people of a very nervous disposition.

It is not a recognised medical procedure. If in doubt, consult your medical doctor first.

Case histories and a public forum on this subject are available on the website Search under “liver cleanse”.