What we can do for you

What we can do for you2020-04-02T08:45:34+01:00
  • We analyse your health problems using advanced electronic dowsing techniques. This is not a medical diagnosis. It’s done with a machine called the Kinesiometer.
  • We establish the real root causes of your ailments. (Then we  check your progress on the Bio-Resonator as you move towards perfect balance).
  • Basically we knock out the top layer of toxins affecting your system at any particular time, by giving you homoeopathically prepared vaccines or nosodes.
  • If you are a patient at our Clinic , you typically go out with two or three bottles of homoeopathic remedies, a prescription tailored to your exact needs on the day.
  • You get  a written Report of Findings and recommendations unique to your situation. The remedies take from two to four weeks to take and then we check your next prescription.
  • Ronnie Turner has spent 40 years of travel, study and practice to get to his stage of expertise.
  • The main headings we cover are as follows:
  • The Toxicity level as a percentage.
  • The Food Intolerance Factor %
  • The Emotional Blockage (Accummulated life stress) factor %
  • The Nutritional Deficiency factor %

We can deal with all of these factors for you in their order or priority at the Clinic

  1. We achieve a satisfaction rate of 80% or more, across the board.