Ronnie Turner established Turner Clinic in 1975. Many famous people have passed through as patients and the Clinic featured on the Late Late Show twice and also on many other radio and television shows.Take a few moments to browse through the gallery below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Bio-Resonance System is computer aided.It establishes your Vitality Level, Lowest System, Main Damage and Dominant Focus of disturbance.

Health analysis and medicine testing are done with the Bio-Resonance machine.

Bio-Res.testing is very comprehensive. We try to cover all angles.

Bio-Resonance testing of your energy field.

Picture of the energy aura of a remedy.

We test to find your exact remedy

Natural Remedies are safer and more effective.

Computer aided electronic testing of your system.

Ronnie Turner has been a professional homoeopath since 1975.

Your energy field controls your health.

Pekana herbal and homoeopathic combinations are fabulous remedies.

Your health can be analysed from a your hair sample. Medicines can be matched for you too.

Homoeopathic vaccines knock out the infections and poisons.

Your exact prescription can be found.

Human beings are Energy Beings.We use many energy techniques: Chi Gung, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Energetics, Trauma Code, to restore balance.

Gentle Chiropractic Treatment for Back, Neck, Feet and Limbs. Ronnie Turner has been a chiropractor for over 30 years, He specialises in low force approaches and Pain Neutralisation Techniques.