Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals2020-04-02T08:43:56+01:00

Heavy metals are proven to be a major cause of illness. Unknown to you, these toxic agents may be at this moment undermining your health.

Let us check it out for you!

Heavy metals are blamed for causing cancer, chronic fatigue, dementia and many other problems.

We can test you for the following:

  • Mercury poisoning from dental fillings or environment.
  • Various toxic metals from the environment.
  • The atmosphere of your home or office
  • Your water or favourite drinks.

Get a urine container from your local pharmacy and send a small urine sample it to us at this Clinic. Address on your left. Don’t forget to give us your personal details.

To get the environment of your house checked, gather up dust from the main living areas, put it into spring water and shake up, then send a small sample, not more than 30 mls, to us for testing.

Each test costs €85 Euros.

Send us your email if at all possible, so that you get your report more quickly.